Can you describe your ideal new client?

Business Owner MentoringMany companies spend large sums of money on their marketing efforts but when either the marketers or sales personnel are asked “who is your ideal new client?” they look blankly or say “anyone”.

Trying to market to anyone can actually lead to marketing to no one as the marketing messages are too general, ‘one-size-fit-all’, or based on ‘what the competition is doing’. Who says the competition know what they’re doing?A clear and consistant way to create marketing messages and collateral is to visualise your ideal new client (or customer) and note down their specific needs, wants, concerns, or other factors specific to them. A ‘picture’ of the client can then take shape and the marketing messages created, with due regard to how best to communicate with the potentail new client. Does the prospect use Facebook?, would LinkedIn be preferable?, are traditional methods like print advertising or face-to-face contact the way to go?

By studying your ideal new client and building their ‘persona’ new opportunities can be revealed, and their journey from awareness of the product/service/brand, right through to purchase and after-sales requirements can be mapped.

Get your canvas and paint brush out and have a go at painting the picture of your next ideal client!

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