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Helping clients on their Business Excellence journey

EuRA Global Quality SealIn May ’15 one of my clients was re-certified to their industry equivalent of ISO 9001 (hooray!)

Their business excellence journey is one I’ve helped with since 2008 and have now accompanied them through an original certification in 2009 and three subsequent re-certifications. It’s a great feeling for the company to receive praise from the External Auditor on their adoption of business excellence tools and approaches.

The journey continues….

Alignment within your EuRA Global Quality Seal approach

EuRA Global Quality SealI mention in my “Challenges to implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System and ways to overcome them” document, that’s freely available to EuRA members who’ve registered with the EuRA office, that the EuRA Global Quality Seal (EGQS) touches on other ISO standards in addition to the ‘ISO 9001 process management model’. Request the document if you wish to read it. Read More →

Quality Management System – Where to start?

Quality Management SystemYou may be thinking of adopting a Quality Management System for your company. Like ice cream they come in different flavours, and mostly, they’re all good!

You could choose from: Read More →

Going beyond the EuRA Global Quality Seal

EuRA Global Quality SealI’ve been working with one of my DSP Clients for a number of years and specifically since 2009 with their Quality Management System (QMS) adoption, implementation, updates and maintenance.

The QMS they use is the EuRA Global Quality Seal Standard, which is specific to the Global Mobility/Relocation industry. From their initial certification in May 2009 my client was re-certified in 2011 and most recently on 22nd May 2013. Read More →