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The inside track to Social (business) Media

This week I was down in Kuala Lumpur following an invitation from Putrajaya Holding’s CEO to facilitate a Social (business) Media presentation. The audience comprised staff from across the company and they went away with the following knowledge to guide their future planning:

✔︎ What is Social Media and how does it fit into the marketing landscape?

✔︎ What needs to be considered when approaching implementation of Social (business) Media in a business environment?

✔︎ A review of social media successes and failures.

As the presentation was all about Social (business) Media, I couldn’t help but take a selfie! Read More →

Can you describe your ideal new client?

Business Owner MentoringMany companies spend large sums of money on their marketing efforts but when either the marketers or sales personnel are asked “who is your ideal new client?” they look blankly or say “anyone”.

Trying to market to anyone can actually lead to marketing to no one as the marketing messages are too general, ‘one-size-fit-all’, or based on ‘what the competition is doing’. Who says the competition know what they’re doing? Read More →

How NOT to use LinkedIn

Social (business) MediaThe LinkedIn Hunter a.k.a. Shooting yourself in the foot!

It’s always great to have real world examples of how companies approach their marketing, good and bad.

This example is one where BAD marketing is used. Read More →