The inside track to Social (business) Media

This week I was down in Kuala Lumpur following an invitation from Putrajaya Holding’s CEO to facilitate a Social (business) Media presentation. The audience comprised staff from across the company and they went away with the following knowledge to guide their future planning:

✔︎ What is Social Media and how does it fit into the marketing landscape?

✔︎ What needs to be considered when approaching implementation of Social (business) Media in a business environment?

✔︎ A review of social media successes and failures.

As the presentation was all about Social (business) Media, I couldn’t help but take a selfie!

PutraJaya Holdings Social (business) Media selfie

Here’s what Putrajaya Holdings’ Marketing and Sales Department had to say about the presentation:

“Arrowspires Consulting Sdn Bhd conducted a half day presentation on May 17 2016 entitled Social (Business) Media for Executives and above for Marketing & Commercial Division and Manager level and above for other divisions within Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd.

The presentation covered the basics of Social (Business) Media, what it is, how can companies successfully apply it and what are the examples of positive and negative impact for companies implementing Social (Business) Media.

Mr. Colin Lamb engaged the audience for the half day session with focus on the topic and managed to use practical business applications in demonstrating existing application concepts in marketing. While some of the concepts were elementary, Mr. Lamb managed to capture the audience attention by making highly visual presentation slides and providing real life examples.”

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