What’s the extra 20%?

Business Owner MentoringWoody Allen, the US movie actor, comedian & director, is quoted as saying “80% of success is showing up”.

But, he’s not quoted as advising what the remaining 20% is. Is it a secret? I think not.

From my extensive reading, listening and practical no-nonsense marketing consulting I’ll share with you my process towards success.

1.    Focused Preparation – Be clear on what you wish to achieve and prepare for what needs to be done to achieve it.
2.    Turn Up – Your preparation can only be actioned if you turn up to activate it. Make sure you’re in the right place too!
3.    Work the Plan – Not everything may go exactly to plan but if you do your best there won’t be any ‘what ifs’ later.
4.    Leave – Know when to leave. Create maximum impact but don’t overstay or things may start working against you.
5.    Focused Follow-up – What did you learn?, Who did you meet? What do you need to do next? Don’t procrastinate – strike while the iron’s hot.
6.    Repeat – Learn from steps 1 to 5 so you can make improvements for the next time. Success is a process not a destination.

Is 80% of success showing up? I think not.

I feel showing up is actually 20% and what you do before, during, and after is what maximises the success.

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